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Sealion Group(China) Machinery Hloding Co., Ltd. Established Taizhou Sealion Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd . located in Mei Lanfang’s hometown. It is a high-tech enterprise integrated with the research, development and production, our products have a foothold in the market on the strength of high-grade, high-quality and high-tech.
Our main products include dry cleaning machines, drying machines, ironing machine, and other auxiliary washing machine, which are more than 100 kinds of specifications. Our pruducts’s quality has an advantage in green environment, energy conservation and automatic different from traditional washing facilities.
In the millennium, Sealion Group started expansion strategy of the global brand, which is the foundation of full development.
Our industrial washing machine features are beautiful and durable performance, diveerse product varieties. Raw materials and technology of products are the best all over the world. We have won the trust of clients with the high-quality products, excellent service and good credit, and have enjoyed high reputation in the knitting trade at hone and abroad.
Our products are not only popular in hotels and restaurants, but also in hospital, railways, troops, universities and colleges and some washing &drying industrials, as well as in many countries. We have attainted strict ISO9001 quality management system certification.
Today, our company obtains customer's faith relying on the high quality, reasonable price and reliable prestige. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future. We are always your faithful friend. Warmly welcome overseas friends will become our company's long-term cooperation partner. You can see these products on our website. If there is any items of you interested, please contact us at any time.

電話:0523-89996888  86829077
0523-86829077  86821208


















工業洗衣機、脫水機、烘干機制造專家 —— 泰州海獅機械設備有限公司
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